Montefiore Medical Center
CLG is the tool I use to drive a data-driven culture of quality throughout my department.
Ultimately my primary concern is whether our patients are getting better under our care.
CLG Helps Me
Improve quality at the level of the individual physician.

Clinical Department Chair

Doctors want to know about their own patients - are they getting better under our care or not? Departments need to have the data to know where and when to build programs around real patient needs.

Clinical Looking Glass is the tool I use to create a data-driven culture of quality throughout our department. CLG lets us see our patients' data any way we want it, transforming the data into actionable information. We track the relationship between each patient's progress and their treatment plans over time; we discover failing patients and bring them to the attention of physicians for remediation; and we produce reports on both an individual physician and a department-wide basis.

Time to Event: Track the Trajectory of Results Over Time

Time to Event AnalyticCLG’s Time-to-Event capability is a wonderful feature. It allows us to treat each patient as an individual, looking - for example - at how the individual has progressed subsequent to the first visit. This contrasts with most data mining tools, which require that you specify an overall time period for the whole group of patients under study without regard for when each individual person started treatment. Methodologically CLG's approach is unique and much more valuable.

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