Montefiore Medical Center
A CEO’s job is to improve clinical and operational performance, to create an environment that engages our staff and drives change throughout the organization. CLG is one of our most powerful tools for achieving these objectives
How to connect our programs, people, and data to drive performance.
CLG Helps Me
Manufacture knowledge from data in order to measurably improve quality of care.

Chief Executive Officer

I believe that one of my most important responsibilities as CEO is to challenge clinicians and other staff to continually assess and improve the quality of care and to give them the tools to do so. CLG is such a tool. It allows clinicians, analysts, and managers to quickly explore reams of data themselves - with no need for IT resources. Studies initiated at the grass-roots level by staff with a desire to dive into data have improved results throughout our medical center. We have attracted significantly more - and higher value - research grants; we have avoided the staffing expense of a horde of analysts; and, most importantly, we have improved the quality and reduced the cost of care by identifying and treating high risk conditions earlier.

CLG has enabled us to create a data-driven culture that engages our staff and drives change throughout the organization. Ultimately I want everyone in the organization to know what he or she can do to improve quality. I believe that such an environment is critical to attracting and retaining the highest quality staff and to maximizing our performance. CLG gives us that edge.

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