Montefiore Medical Center
I can analyze unlimited temporal relationships fast. I can meet the demand on me to produce while helping to improve outcomes for our most difficult-to-treat patients.
I have a lot of pressure on me to meet the demands of my clinical team for frequent analytical iterations.
CLG Helps Me
Get the results I need with no need to queue up in IT channels waiting for them to address my needs.


One of our biggest challenges as a Clinical Department is how we evaluate and improve the work we do. There is no question that fast and iterative data analysis is fundamental to improvement. And looking at data from multiple perspectives and in multiple combinations is at the root of effective data analysis.

Seeing Data from Multiple Perspectives

A1C GraphClinical Looking Glass gives us the ability to easily take various perspectives on data. We can look at subpopulations by age, by disease, and by readmissions; we can look at many criteria at once, such as the relationship between outcomes and medications or the effect of interim outpatient visits on readmissions. Time-bound analyses are one of CLG's unique and powerful capabilities, allowing us to look at the care to each patient as a function of when that patient started treatment. And we can do all this ourselves, without having to wait for IT, whose priorities are often not aligned with ours.

With CLG we can look at how lab values are changing over time. Are we actually reducing the Hemoglobin A1c for our patients one year and two years later? If there is a new protocol with contraindications for a medication, we can easily identify the patients on that drug to see if we want to make a change.

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